2024 CMSC Awards Recipients

D.K.C. MacDonald Memorial Lecturer

The D.K.C. MacDonald Memorial Lecturer is an important focus of the conference and the Lecturer is chosen by the Chair of the conference.

2024 Recipient: Prof. K. Lu

Prof. K. Lu received BS in MSE from Nanjing University of Science & Technology in 1985 and PhD in MSE from Institute of Metal Research (CAS) in 1990. He served as the director of Institute of Metal Research of CAS during 2001-2012, and the founding director of Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science (SYNL) during 2000-2023. Currently, he is the President of Liaoning Academy of Materials, and a research professor of Institute of metal research of CAS.

His research interests are nanostructured metals and alloys. His identity accomplishments include: (i) Discovery of nano-twinned structures and nano-twin strengthening in metals and alloys that exhibit superior combinational mechanical properties and novel physical properties, and (ii) Development of surface nanocrystallization technology for generating gradient nanostructured metals and alloys, advancing properties and performance such as fatigue behavior, wear and corrosion resistance, and surface alloying kinetics for engineering materials. (iii) Discovery of a new metastable polycrystalline structure at the extremely fine scale: Schwarz crystal structure, in which grain boundaries form 3D periodical minimal surface structure.

Prof. Lu authored and co-authored more than 430 international peer-reviewed journal publications and held 40 patents. He received many international honors and awards, including an elected member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2003), the World Academy of Sciences for Developing Countries (2004), the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina (2005), and the U.S National Academy of Engineering (2018). He is a recipient of TMS Robert Franklin Mehl Award (2022), Acta Materialia Gold Medal (2019), TMS Fellow Award (2017), AAAS Fellow (2014), MRS Fellow (2010), AvH Research Award (Germany, 2010), Kelly Lecturer (University of Cambridge, 2010), THERMEC 2006 Distinguished Award, the Third World Academy of Science TWNSO Technology Prize (2000), Ho-Leung-Ho-Lee Technology Science Prize (1999), etc.

Metal Chemistry Award

History: The Metal Chemistry Award was conceived by Professor H. Hancock of the Technical University of Nova Scotia in 1988 to recognize outstanding contributions to metallurgical chemistry as epitomized by the inaugural winner, Professor L.M. Pidgeon of the University of Toronto. Since the time of its inception, the award has included recipients from universities, industry and government laboratories engaged in research activities ranging from hydrometallurgy, molten salt chemistry, corrosion and fundamental physical chemistry bearing upon smelting and refining processes.

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Metal Physics Award

History: The Metal Physics Award was conceived by Professor T.S. Hutchison of the Royal Military College of Canada to recognize achievements in fundamental physics of importance to the understanding of metals as materials. At the time of its first award to Z.S. Basinski in 1977, the advancement of dislocation theory was the very essence of the kind of achievement the award was intended to recognize. Although the Award since that time has been awarded for excellence in a much broader range of research achievement including advancement in non-metallic materials.

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